Weight loss Tips For Busy Mother & Women!

Put your health first
It’s common for busy mums to put themselves last on the to-do list, but prioritizing your own health and wellbeing is essential. “The truth is if you can’t take the time to maintain your health, eventually you will have to make the time for illness,” says weight-loss mindset coach Kylie Ryan. “If you want healthy, happy kids, you must be healthy and happy.”

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Slow and steady wins the race

Fact: most people who try fad diets end up regaining any weight loss and often more. “The harmful effects of weight-loss diets also increase the risk of developing an eating disorder,” says Dr. Rick Kausman, author of If Not Dieting, Then What?

Steer clear of quick fixes and opt instead for steady, sustainable weight loss through healthy eating and exercise.

Be honest with yourself
What’s really stopping you from shedding those unwanted kilos? “Write a list of things that are getting in the way – both internal and external excuses, within and outside of your control,” advises celebrity trainer Michelle Bridges, founder of the 12 Week Body Transformation program. “This will help you realize what’s holding you back, and which barriers you can tackle.”Get

The simple lifestyle shifts in the Eat Sleep Burn ugly belly fat…


Plan your family’s meals a week or even a month ahead. “This will save you money, and better still, you’ll only have to think ‘what’s for dinner?’ once a week,” says Clare Collins, a professor in nutrition and dietetics at the University of Newcastle. “Simple meals can be easy to prepare, fast to cook, and taste great.”

Find a cheer squad
Support is essential in any weight-loss plan. “Surround yourself with people who want to achieve the same goals as you. Instead of meeting friends for a coffee, go for a power walk or run, or do a yoga class together,” says personal trainer and mum-of-three Mireille Ryan.

Slow down
Eating slowly gives your brain time to register that you’re full. Put extra effort into the preparation and presentation of your meals and really savor every mouthful. Switch the TV off, too. “People eat up to 44 percent more when they’re glued to the TV as they’re too distracted to notice how much they’ve eaten,” says clinical hypnotherapist Lisa Jackson, author of Adore Yourself Slim (Simon & Schuster).

Belly Fat in Women 

Remember that food is just-food

“Labelling food as ‘bad’ or ‘junk’ often causes us to feel bad about ourselves and guilty about what we’ve eaten,” Dr. Kausman explains. “Do your best to think about ‘everyday’ foods like fruit, vegetables, and cereals, and ‘sometimes’ foods such as chocolate and chips.”

Food is just-food
Don’t try to be a Masterchef
Cook one healthy evening meal for the whole family instead of catering for multiple tastes. “Children gradually accept new tastes by repeated exposure to them. Rather than heading to the kitchen to cook another dish, praise them for trying something new,” Professor Collins says.

Become a morning person
We all know mornings can be chaotic, but try to make exercising first thing a habit. “As the day goes on, there are more and more chances that life is going to get in the way, so become a morning exerciser and get the monkey off your back,” says Michelle Bridges.

Check-in with your appetite
Before you reach for that sugary snack, stop and ask yourself, ‘Am I really hungry?’

Melt 7 Pounds Every 7 Days

“It’s normal to do some non-hungry eating, but when we do too much, it can tip our eating out of balance,” Dr. Kausman says.

Declare your intentions
Make sure the entire household knows that you’re serious about losing weight. Print out a monthly calendar and schedule in your workouts. “Put it up on the fridge so everyone knows that’s Mum’s special time. Tick off each workout when you’ve completed it,” says Kylie.

Avoid temptation
If you struggle to resist the lure of the supermarket lolly and chip aisles, avoid them altogether. “Consider ordering your groceries online. This can also be a time-saver, particularly if you usually shop at peak times,” Michelle suggests.

Schedule exercise around the kids
“Look at what your kids are up to during the week and plan your exercise around their timetable,” says Mireille. “When my daughter has swimming lessons, I go for a 30-minute run. I also take my kids to the park and run while they chase me on their bikes.”

Just breathe
Try this quick self-hypnosis trick to reprogram yourself to make the right decisions. “Breathe in for four counts and then out for eight counts. Repeat the mantra ‘I am in control’ 20 times – and watch your self-belief skyrocket,” Lisa says.

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Don’t pick at leftovers

Eating the kids’ leftovers can add up to the equivalent of an extra meal. “Serve up small portions to start with and then let the kids ask for more if they’re still hungry,” says Professor Collins.

Eat regular, healthy snacks
As mums, it’s easy to get so busy that we ignore our body’s hunger signals and it’s much harder to eat slowly when we’re ravenous. “It can be helpful to have some snacks with us just in case we start to get too hungry,” says Dr Kausma.

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Use the power of the minute for weight loss!
You have twenty-four hours in the day but it’s sometimes hard to find a block of sixty minutes to go the gym, power walk, horse-ride, hoop, or kick-box when you’re caring for your brood. Do not fear! The power of the minute is here! It takes a minute to drop down and do twenty sit-ups, and 20 press-ups. Do the plank every day for one minute. Run up and down the stairs for a minute. Dance like a whirling dervish for a minute. Short bursts of intense activity are sure-fire ways to tone up and lose weight! One minute is all it takes. And we all can take just one minute!

Remember the days when roast dinners took about eight hours to prepare and cook (and then eat in about ten minutes!)? Make a big green power smoothie in the morning (it can take one minute!) Save time by making enough for breakfast AND lunch. Serve with a large green leafy salad, sun-dried tomatoes, crispy red onion, flax crackers, and avocado. This is fast food at its finest. Fancy that!

The Real Mom’s Guide 

Eat with your children — just don’t EAT your children!
Ok, what I really mean is don’t polish off what they leave on their plates! Eat your dinner — let them eat theirs. Then you won’t have to spend more time exercising to burn off that extra fuel
And if there are left-overs, don’t eat them and don’t throw them away. Let them be part of the next meal which means even less preparation later on! Part of mother-tasking is being efficient, looking ahead, and sometimes, just sometimes… plate power!

Eat chocolate daily for weight loss
That’s right, eat it every day if you like! But make sure it’s dairy, sugar, wheat, heat, and cruelty-free and eat a portion that will fit in the palm of your hand. Enjoy every bite — savor the unique taste and melting sensation on your tongue. Real chocolate can curb your appetite — it doesn’t leave you wanting more unlike the milky sugary varieties of mock late you may have been used to over-eating in the past. Women who spend their time eating a little of what they fancy each day feeling good about themselves. FACT!

Take five!
Everyone needs at least five minutes in the morning to themselves — to gather their thoughts, to plan their day, to give themselves a pep-talk, and to visualize! What are you going to feed yourself today and what will you say ‘No thanks!’ to? Those five minutes of inner-planning will enable your day to unfold with ease and for you to sail through, eating the right foods while being a very busy person!

Be prepared!
Going to the park with your little ones? On a play-date? Shopping in town? When hunger strikes, if you’re not prepared then you will find yourself reaching for the snack that is not going to help you with your weight-loss goals. Get used to taking a lovely Bento Box around with you or a mini cool-bag. Pack it full of crunchy, raw veggies and fruits, a small handful of your favorite nuts, and perhaps a piece of chocolate and a carton of coconut water. You will save time in the long run AND you’ll be slimmer before you can say ‘dates are nature’s candy’!

Carry on walking
If your babe is still little enough to be snuggled in a sling, then no need to plan extra time for exercise — off you trundle for an hour’s walk with a baby strapped on! You’ll build up a sweat in no time and the fresh air will work up an appetite for your next meal! If your child is too old for such carry-ons, then play your favorite CD (that ages me, doesn’t it! You can play a generic MP3 player mix!) and dance with them for 45 minutes! They will love it, you’ll get fit and it may also count as Physical Education if you’re home-schooling

Women in the field
Do any exercise you love and dress up however you like for the sake of weight loss
Do any exercise you love and dress up however you like for the sake of weight loss

Get your buddies together — women with children, women without, women with slings, women with buggies… go to the nearest park and start jogging! Stretch up high, bend down low. Do 50 star-jumps! Run to the tall tree in the middle of the park and back again five times. Take it in turns to watch the children or let them trundle along with you. Play-date? Check! Time for personal fitness? Check! Hanging out time with friends? Check! Do this three times a week and you’ll soon feel your clothes get baggier!

Water yourself to weight loss, lovely flower!
Don’t forget to do this every day. Drink water! Lots of it! Keep hydrated and drink before meals, not during so as to not cause bloating and interfere with the digestive process. Frequent watering will help you feel great, keep you regular, and help you shift those pounds. Include herbal infusions and coconut waters, nut kinds of milk, and special teas. Don’t waste time searching for water fountains… get a flask or a BPA-free bottle and keep these

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